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Magic Eye pictures used to frustrate me!

I knew there was a picture in there somewhere–I just couldn’t make it appear. As attractive as the initial abstract image might be, I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I discovered the hidden picture within. Finally, I got it! I could see it!

I remember the wonder and awe I felt when the image finally, magically appeared.  It really was there! And it was now so clear I could almost reach out and touch it. Since the day my eyes learned to see the secret contained in the picture, the images now emerge almost instantly for me. It reminds me of my experience with the Bible. It was a little like a Magic Eye picture to me.

From the day I accepted Christ, I loved the Bible and appreciated the wealth of instruction within its pages, but I found myself often frustrated by it. After years of being a Christian, I still felt like reading the Bible was more of a duty than a passion. Why couldn’t I see in it what others did that brought them such joy and compelled them by passion to read it daily?

For that matter, when would the Christian life be what I’d expected and hoped it to be? I didn’t feel much different than I had before I’d received Christ, and the Bible was still hard to understand.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to realize the problem had to be with me, not with God or Christianity. In another moment of brilliance, I surmised the answer would most likely be found somewhere within the pages of the Bible. I’d never read all of it, so maybe what I was missing was hiddenor maybe even in plain sight–on one of those countless pages I’d skipped.

Starting on page one, I determined to read the entire Bible straight through, not to learn how to live the Christian life—I was tired of Christianity feeling like little more than a life of rules. I determined to read the Bible just to find God on every page. I not only found Him, but by Deuteronomy, my life was changed.

By Deuteronomy, I sensed the Bible literally transforming me as I began seeing God in ways I’d never seen Him before and felt Him speaking directly to me through His Word. It was as if God’s Word was reaching out and touching me–as if it was living and active. (Wasn’t I surprised to discover Hebrews 4:12 is literally true!)

It was about this time when I finally saw it! Saw Him! Saw The Red Thread of Jesus! Jesus Christ—the hidden picture—began emerging everywhere I looked, and not just in the New Testament; all through the Old Testament as well. (Ephesians 3:3-5) 

Since that day years ago, my passion for the Bible has never waned; it’s only increased, and I want everyone I know to see the hidden picture, too.

So, I want to share with you what God has shown me about seeing Christ in the Old Testament. I hope you’ll join me on this journey, following The Red Thread of Jesus.

PS – Can you see the hidden image? Hold the center of the image right up to your nose, but don’t smudge up your computer screen. You want the image to be blurry. Now, focus as if you’re looking through the image into the distance. Very slowly move the image away from your face.

 (I actually don’t put it up to my nose. I see it better if I hold it about 6 inches away and just stare through it, allowing the picture to be blurry. Maybe because I’m farsighted? The “official” instructions say to start at your nose.) 

Don’t try to focus on anything until you begin to see depth in the picture. The image will magically appear as if suspended in air. Still can’t see it? Click on one of the images to be taken to the website. The answer is there. I’m not gonna tell you. That’s cheating!


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