I ran too slow to catch a 95-year-old war hero.

To be fair, he had a head start.

Al Rodrigues, one of the last remaining survivors of Pearl Harbor, walked out the back gate and out of our reach at the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

I just wanted a chance to tell him thanks. 

I watched a lady help Al into a van and drive off with him toward the entrance of the memorial. So Larry and I ran. Perhaps we could at least wave to him. 

Larry and I stood on the sidewalk and waved at this great hero. And I blew him kisses.

Next thing we knew, the van pulled over, and Al climbed out to speak with us.

I gushed all over him like a teenage groupie.

Al Rodrigues gave years of his life — and nearly lost his life — to serve our country and ensure our freedom.  

We still live free today because Al Rodrigues and others like him held nothing back. 

We must never forget or take our freedom for granted.

Let’s pray continually for our soldiers, our leaders, and our country.

Let’s pray that God will turn the hearts of America back to following Christ.

Apart from Christ, we can do nothing. (John 15:5)

He’s the power we need to be a powerful nation and a blessing and great influence on the world.

He gave His life to buy our eternal freedom. Let’s live as people who are free! (1 Peter 2:16)  

We Americans are free. We’d never want that taken away from us.

Christians are free, too. Why would live any other way than free?

Free from sin. Free from shame. Free from guilt.


We should enjoy our freedom to the fullest! That’s the biggest thanks we can give our soldiers and our Lord.

God bless the USA.

Thank you, Al Rodrigues! Thank you to all our military!

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