Nothing has transformed me more than reading the entire Bible, so once again, I printed out another “Books of the Bible Bookmark” for myself this morning to help me keep track of what I’ve read thus far. It dawned on me as I sat at my computer that maybe you’d like to have one, too. 

It’s amazing how reading the Word of God reveals the mind of God, which leads you into the heart of God, which leads you to the foot of the cross, which drops you to your knees in gratitude, and you are transformedBy His Word, God created the world, and by His Word He gives eternal life.

Do we really grasp what it is that we hold in our hands when we open our Bible?

Do we feel we’re doing God a favor by taking our valuable time to read His Book?

Or do we sit breathless before Him that He would honor us as He has by giving us His Word?

My prayer is that you’ll open the pages of the most powerful Words ever spoken and open your eyes, heart, and mind as God reveals Himself to you on each and every page! Don’t read the Bible looking for how to live a better life. Read the Bible looking for the One who gives life.

Use the bookmark to mark your place in God’s Word. Then, as you finish a book of the Bible, mark it off on your bookmark. I found this simple method makes it easy for me to jump around in the Bible, reading in the Old Testament and then in the New Testament as God leads, without forgetting if I’ve read a particular book or not.

There are three bookmarks on the page—because three fit nicely—so, you can use one bookmark to mark you place in the Old Testament and another to mark your place in the New Testament. You could use the third bookmark to mark your place in Psalms and Proverbs, as many people enjoy reading through these books continuously, or just give it away. However, you use these bookmarks, I hope you’ll find them useful, and share this link with others.

Click on the link below to print a PDF file of the bookmarks I created:

Books of the Bible Bookmarks

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