Five Posts On Prayer You Don’t Want to Miss

Five Posts on Prayer You Don't Want to Miss via

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a lot more praying lately.

In one day alone, I got urgent messages from four different friends asking for prayer.

Each request stopped me in my tracks and sent me to my knees.

I could’ve filled an entire prayer journal on Paris alone.

Now add to that the rest of Europe, America, and, well, the world.

So many thoughts on prayer have been pressing to get out of my mind and into my blog.

Unfortunately, other writing commitments have delayed me.

With the vital needs that now loom ever before our world, I turned to others who have written great posts on prayer.

I’m sharing five posts on prayer today that you don’t want to miss.

Three are written by friends of mine. One is written by someone I’d like to count as  a friend. The last is actually by me.

I wrote “Does Prayer Change God’s Mind” awhile ago. It’s an important message I need to remember in these times. I thought it could help you, too.

My hope is that these articles will encourage us to make a renewed commitment to prayer.

The world is giving us plenty to pray about every day.

And God answers prayer.


What to Do When We’re Prayerless
by Jon Bloom


Prayerlessness is not fundamentally a discipline problem. At root it’s a faith problem.

What Prayer Is

Prayer is the native language of faith. John Calvin called prayer the “chief exercise of faith.”† That’s why when faith is awake and surging in us, prayer doesn’t feel like a burden or an obligation. It feels natural. It’s how faith most instinctively speaks…READ MORE

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PRAYERWALKING: Taking Your Prayers on the Road
by Beckie Lindsey


All over the world, God is helping Christians to pray as they walk through the streets of their communities. The idea of prayerwalking through your community is to allow your prayers to extend beyond your own concerns, focusing on the needs of others, while opening yourself to see them with God’s eyes and heart. … READ MORE

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Fasting & Prayer 101
by Beckie Lindsey


In many Christian churches today, fasting has become a lost discipline, rarely discussed or practiced.

Despite its current decrease in popularity, there are a host of reasons and benefits to prayer coupled with fasting…READ MORE

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One Prayer God Won’t Answer
by Lori Hatcher


Those who succumb to its green-eyed madness have made public spectacles of themselves, done things they’ve regretted later, and even committed crimes like assault and murder.

But why am I talking about jealousy when the title of this devotion is “The One Prayer God Won’t Answer”? … READ MORE

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Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?
by Jean Wilund


“. . .  Because you have prayed to Me . . . “

Have you ever had an incident where you felt led to pray for someone or something, and then when you did, He actually did it?… READ MORE

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What thoughts have you had on prayer?

Has God used your prayers in a mighty way?  

Share in the comments.