Happy Eater Monday! Join me here every day this week of Easter as we follow the footsteps of Jesus to the cross and to His resurrection. Today I read from Matthew 26:1-16 where we saw Jesus worshipped and betrayed.  www.JeanWilund.com
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Happy Easter Monday.

Today we’re in Matthew 26:1-16 as we continue following Jesus’ footsteps to the cross, the grave, and His resurrection.

In this passage, we saw Jesus worshipped, and we saw Him betrayed.

And we must ask ourselves, will we trust God with everything that touches our lives?

Not just with the good, but even with the evil?

If God isn’t sovereign over all, He isn’t sovereign at all.

Man doesn’t act and then God reacts.

God has been, and will always be, in control over everything that touches our lives — then and now.

As I’m writing this, a news report airs in the background showing the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burning.

My heart breaks at this tragic situation.

I don’t know yet if anyone was hurt or killed.

I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to restore the cathedral.

But I do know that God is in control.

Will we trust Him? No matter what? No matter the cost?

Will we be like Mary?

What about you? 

If you belong to Jesus, will you trust Him with everything that touches your life? The good and the bad?

Will you remember that God uses everything for His good purposes, our good, and His glory.

Rest in His great care for you.

If you don’t belong to Jesus yet, will you trust Him as your Passover Lamb, who died to save you from sin?

Will you bow to Him?

Or will you walk away?

If you walk away, to whom will you go? Only Jesus has the Words of Life (John 6:66-71).

Trust Jesus today.

If you’re on Facebook, join me tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:42 PM EST for my next live video on my writer page. Yep, 7:42 PM EST. Why not.

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