Do You Really Know the Name of the LORD?

Do you really know the name of the LORD or just the letters of His sacred name? There's a big difference.

Really, David?

Have you ever read King David’s words and thought, “Really, David?”

When I first read Psalm 9:10 where David said of the LORD, “And those who know Your name will put their trust in You,” I raised my eyebrow.

Does knowing someone’s name really instill trust? Let’s try it.

Michael Wilund

There. Now you know my husband’s name.

And, since
you know his name, you trust him, right?

Will you now hand over all your passwords and let him drive off with your kids?

Perhaps not. But if I asked his best friends this question, I know what they’d say. “Yes!”

They know his name—Lawrence Michael Wilund, AKA Larry—means a trustworthy, godly man of utmost character. Not perfect, but practically perfect. 

I’ve been trusting Larry with all my passwords and our kids for almost 34 years. And not because I know the letters of his name. But because I know the depth of his character.

Now let’s consider a different name—a much different name.

Adolf Hitler

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