Crazy Faith!

That’s what it takes to say Yes to God at times.

John and Josee Waller took a crazy leap of faith into an adoption adventure they never expected.

I had the pleasure of hearing John Waller speak (and sing) at the Launch Out Atlanta Conference where John shared the story that inspired his hit song Crazy Faith.

John had worked long and hard and finally reached his dreams of success in the Christian music industry. 

As grateful as he felt, the thought hounded him, There’s got to be more than just music.

Morning after morning, John and Josee prayed.

What’s the next crazy thing we can do? 

Josee said, “I think we’re supposed to adopt a kid.”

Perhaps a young Chinese girl between 3-5 years old.

They fasted and prayed.

At the end of the fast, John had a dream.

In his dream, John walked into an orphanage in a foreign country. A group of older kids greeted him. Off to the side, he noticed a girl around 10 years old with dark hair.

“What’s your name,” he asked.

“Anna,” she said.

John awoke, knowing he’d been shown their child. But she wasn’t Chinese or 3-5 years old. And he had no idea what country she lived in.

Anna would be nearly impossible to find, but they started looking anyway.

Crazy Faith!

The orphan hosting organization Project 143 told them they had a nine-year-old girl named Anya.

John and Josee ran to the computer and looked up her picture on the website.

“That’s the girl from my dreams,” John said.

Turns out, Anya in Hebrew means Anna.

They were absolutely, positively sure Anya was the one.

Except, surprise!

Anya had a brother named Maxim, and they were an inseparable set.

John laughs and says, “There was no brother in the dream! Or at least he didn’t introduce himself.”

The Wallers hosted the two children all summer and decided to adopt them both.

Seven kids!

Crazy faith!

When they set out to adopt Anya and Max, they learned the surprises weren’t over.

Anya and Max had another sister — Ola.

Ola had been separated from her siblings for the last seven years. If the Wallers wanted Anya and Max, they had to adopt Ola, too.

They’d now have 8 kids!

Eight kids!

John says with a laugh, “We fought it, but we felt God had put us on this journey, and we didn’t believe He’d mess with us to this degree unless He was going to back us up.” 

Crazy faith!

When John and Josee prepared to fly to the Ukraine to meet Ola, the surprises kept coming.

Josee learned she was expecting their 6th biological child.

They didn’t change their plans. They’d continue trusting God in this adventure, adopt all three siblings, and become a family with Nine kids!



Crazy faith!

They flew off to the Ukraine and met Ola on Thanksgiving day. 

John jokes, “We call her the free child because they told us, ‘If you’ll take her, too, we won’t charge you any more.’ So we got her for free.”

They now call her Laney — and one of their NINE beloved children.

Crazy faith!

John then told God, “If I don’t get a song out of this, I quit.”

God didn’t just give John a song, He gave him the hit song “Crazy Faith” featured in the movie War Room.

And, Surprise! He also gave them a coffee company: Crazy Faith Coffee Co

But that’s a story for another day.

I videoed John singing his inspiring song Crazy faith at the Launch Out Atlanta Conference. Enjoy it below.

As a bonus, you also get to see their beautiful free child, Laney, in the video. 🙂 



I couldn’t resist including the War Room music video of Crazy Faith as well.

Whatever you’re facing today, if it takes a leap of Crazy Faith to do it, you’re in the perfect place!

Go ahead. 


Jesus said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?”
~ John 11:40 ESV

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