Christians Should Have Their Own Curse Words

The first time I saw this sketch by comedian Brad Stine, in the midst of my laughter, I had to agree. Christians should have their own curse words. 

Why don’t Christians have their own curse words? Do we not get hurt, too?

This morning I was in the throws of fighting the War of the Weeds and the Roses

Roses are the stinging sea anemone of the garden. Weeds know that if they hide in a rose bush they have a better chance that the gardner may leave them alone. (Seriously, weeds think through this stuff.)

I had a world-class army of weeds hidden in my roses, but I didn’t leave them alone. This was a war I was determined to win.

As I reached my hands through the maze of rose thorns, some so big you could hang a hat on them and others so numerous they make a shark look toothless, I thought how handy it would be if I had acceptable curse words, because “FIDDLE STICKS!” just wasn’t getting the job done. 

One of my best friends invented the curse word: crudamatic. That’s still one of my favorites, but it’s still no match for a clash with a rose bush. 

What about you? Do you have any favorite Christian curse words? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Christians Should Have Their Own Curse Words – Hilarious comedy by Brad Stine (Click to Tweet)

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  1. I agree, Jean. During my childhood, my father would say, “nachonamoniesta!” I always thought it was some Spanish word (a curse word?) but I once asked a Spanish-speaking person and he said he’d never heard the word. I didn’t ask my father about it in time before he died. But I say it fondly at times as my “curse” word but I’m glad there’s no meaning to it. But then I have to pause and wonder, if my heart is “saying” what it thinks is a curse word, does it make any difference whether it is or not? I’d like to hear other people’s perspectives.

    • Ha! I get your point, Kathy. Maybe the difference is that a legit curse word might make people stop and look, while nachonamoniesta will make them stop and laugh. So that’s a good thing. 🙂

      I remember talking with our youth pastor immediately after he stepped off Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall at Universal studios. He said he was so glad he never grew up cussing because when his chair dropped into a free fall, the words came flying out of his mouth before he knew what was happening. Fortunately they were just words like nachonamoniesta and crudamatic. Ha!

      Thanks for sharing your Christian “curse” word. It could catch on. Ha!