C is for Christmas by Michelle Medlock Adams
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Christmas – That Magical Time of Year

Christmas. It’s magical.

The birth of our Lord. Traditions passed down for generations. Hearts united.

We want our children to enjoy all Christmas has to offer, but for the right reason.

Not because Santa dropped a pile of gifts at the foot of their tree, but because God gave the ultimate gift – His Son Jesus Christ.

Santa – Is He Good or Bad for Christmas

Santa is a wonderful model of giving. The only thing he takes is the cookies and milk left out for him.

But over time, he’s gained more and more of the prominence of Christmas as Jesus has been slowly edited out.

Must we shun Santa to ensure he doesn’t steal Jesus’ limelight?

Or can Santa actually serve our children’s understanding of Jesus?

Every Christian family faces this debate.

We all must choose for our own conscience, but I say Santa’s good for Christmas when he’s revealed as a worshipper of Jesus, not an object of worship.

The original St. Nick who inspired our modern-day Santa was actually a Christ-follower who dedicated his life to sharing the love of Jesus with those in need.

He was careful not to steal an ounce of Jesus’ glory for himself.

Our modern-day Santa may not resemble the original inspiration, but in our own homes, we can bring the heart of the “real Santa” back so Santa magnifies Jesus rather than minimizes Him.

Children’s author Michelle Medlock Adams feels the same way.

“From the crèche to the eggnog, author Michelle Medlock Adams loves everything about Christmas.

She welcomes the season as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the joy of numerous holiday traditions, including sharing picture books with young readers.

“Yet she couldn’t help but notice that parents choosing a holiday book to read with their children were often forced to decide between a Christian nativity-type book or a more secular Santa- oriented book.

Since her family, like many others, celebrates both aspects of the season, the acclaimed author decided to create her own ABC holiday book encompassing the best of both worlds.

Medlock Adams comments, ‘Unabashedly proud of playing Christmas music in October, I love everything about the season, from visiting Santa’s workshop to attending the candlelight Christmas Eve service.

This beautiful book brings together the very best elements of the season.’”

C is for Christmas (And also for Christ)

Michelle wrote C is for Christmas for families who also love all the season has to offer, but most of all, they love Jesus.

This new adorable alphabet book published by Little Lamb Books and illustrated by Louise Hargreaves mixes fact and fiction without lessening the truth of Jesus or elevating Santa.

The fun Christmas traditions of baking, giving presents, and that jolly man in a red suit merely support the real reason for the season. They don’t detract from Him.

In the only two references to Santa, one directly points to Jesus.

C is for Christmas.

CHRISTMAS comes just once a year. It is a special season.

Santa Claus is really great, but Jesus is the reason!

The other reference could allow for someone in the family to play Santa.

Q is for QUIET.

All is QUIET on Christmas Eve, once everyone’s in bed.

We try to stay awake and see that jolly man in red.

The Common Expressed in an Uncommon Way

Christmas books and alphabet books abound. They’re often predictable.

But not Michelle’s. She introduces less common words for much of the alphabet such as E is for EARTH and U is for UNDER.

How many times have earth and under been the first words to spring to your mind when you thought of these letters? Never?

E is for EARTH.

Jesus Christ was born on EARTH on that first Christmas day.

God sent his son to share his love and take our sins away.


U is for UNDER.

After we wrap the Christmas gifts, they go UNDER the tree.

But puppy likes to lie there, too. Mom says, “Just let him be.”

Like me, did you assume “J” would stand for Jesus?

In C is for Christmas, Michelle introduces the letter “J” with Joseph holding the newborn baby Jesus.

J is for Joseph.

When Joseph finally saw the child, his heart was filled with joy.

He said, “Jesus will be his name.” He’s Daddy’s special boy.

Christmas may seem common, celebrated around the world. But it will forever be uncommon because it’s the celebration of our Creator and Savior coming down to earth, born to save the least deserving of His creation – us.

Michelle’s book C is for Christmas is a delightful addition to this uncommon time of year. A tradition you and your kids will enjoy reading long after they’ve mastered the alphabet.

Order your copy of C is for Christmas today on Amazon and Little Lamb Books.

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More about the Author: 

Award-winning, bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams embraces the true meaning of Christmas as well as the holiday traditions she and her husband, Jeff, have made for their family over the last twenty-seven years. Author of eighty-plus books, Michelle has won more than twenty-five writing awards for her children’s books, including four SELAH awards and a Golden Scroll. She is the president of Platinum Literary Services, a premier full-service literary firm, and also serves as chair of the board for Serious Writer Inc. She is a sought-after speaker, respected teacher, and genuine encourager who loves bass fishing and being GiGi to grandson Bear. You can learn more about Michelle at www.michellemedlockadams.com.

More about the Publisher: 

Little Lamb Books is a Texas-based trade publishing company striving to shepherd the next generation of faithful readers by encouraging their faith, inspiring their love of reading, and delighting their imagination through creative and entertaining literary works. C is for Christmas is the company’s first holiday-focused picture book. 
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