Black Belts & The Bible Are Not For the Lazy! Do you have what it takes?
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Black Belts & The Bible Are Not For the Lazy! Do you have what it takes?

I’m a proud–and well-protected–mama!

In 2011, my son Bobby earned his first degree black belt in Aikido after years of hard work.

Black belts are not for the lazy.

Likewise, the Bible is not for the lazy.

Does that sound harsh?

Sorry, but it’s true. 

I cringed when it was said to me, but I took it to heart and let it motivate me.

Bobby put in the hard work, and today he’s well-trained in defense, ready to protect when needed.

Every time I put in the hard work of studying the Bible — not merely reading it, but really studying it — I’m always richly rewarded with transforming truth that is changing ME.

It fuels my passion to study the Bible more.

I’m so thankful I stopped being lazy in Bible study, which leads me to another stinger statement:

Man will always do exactly what he wants to do as long as he’s physically capable of doing it.

When I first heard this statement, I absolutely couldn’t wake up early enough to have time alone with the Lord before work.


My coffee maker sat on my bedside table so I could caffeinate enough just to get out of bed and make it to work on time. So, when I heard this statement, I really didn’t like it.

I didn’t like it because I knew it was true.

I could get up–I just didn’t want to. Ugh!

But I found help:

“For God is working in you,
giving you the desire and
the power to do what pleases Him.”
~ Philippians 2:13

Are you not doing something you know you should be doing? Be honest with yourself –are you physically capable of doing it, but still aren’t?

Pray for God to give you the desire, and then step out and do it, trusting Him to give you the desire and the power to do it as you step out in faith.

God will give you everything you need to do what He’s called you to do.

He won’t give you the power to do what He’s called me to do, or Bobby to do, but He won’t fail you in what He’s called you to do. (And can I just go ahead and say that He’s called all those who belong to Him to study the Bible.)

Be honest with yourself, then ask the Lord when He wants you to study the Bible and for how long each day. Then do it, trusting Him for the power and desire to do it.

Don’t wait for the desire to come first. He gives graciously to those who trust in Him.

You say you believe God can give you the desire and power? Prove it! Step out and do it, and watch Him work through your faith. 

Bobby has a black belt because he wanted it enough to do what he had to do to earn it. 

I get up early every morning now for time alone with God, and I love it–even with my coffee maker back in the kitchen. I get up because I want to!

I get up because God put that desire and power in me.

Join me in stepping out in faith.

No excuses!

Black belts and the Bible are not for the lazy.

Let’s start a conversation:

What are your biggest hindrances to studying the Bible?

How has God worked in you and provided for you to help you overcome your hindrances?

Please share in the comments. I’d love to get a conversation going on this incredibly important topic.


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