Birthright & Michael Jr Comedy deliver.

Birthright delivers help to those pregnant & worried. Michael Jr. delivers non-stop laughs.

I’m delivering both here.

Birthright of Columbia

Ever meet someone and know from the moment they reached out their hand, you were about to be changed?

Hank Chardos of Birthright of Columbia is one of those people.

Hank’s love for others, driven by his passion for Christ, spills out into his smile and eyes and spreads out into everything he says and does. He’s a man on a mission to make a difference.

The mission? Hank and Birthright deliver help to women who are pregnant and worried. 

Reach Out, Columbia magazine invited me to share Hank’s and Birthright of Columbia’s story. What an honor! And here it is. 

To read the article, click on the link or photo below:

(If you’re reading this by email, the photo may not be shown. They only allow me one photo per email. Sadness.)

Hello, This is Birthright of Columbia

Every child has the right to live, and every mom has the right to give birth. That's why Birthright of Columbia does what it does. Read their powerful story here. via
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Please pray for God to send more volunteers to help Birthright International answer every cry for help.

And if God prompts you to volunteer, there are many ways to help. They’re listed in the article.

Thank you!

Every child has a right to live & every mom has the right to give birth. #Birthright #UnplannedPregnancy #Mom Click To Tweet

Michael Jr. Comedy — New Baby

Because it’s Monday, and I usually write a Monday Music post, I felt I owed it to my loyal readers to deliver. 

But today I felt like switching it up and start our Monday with a laugh. (I’ve been ugly sick for over a week now. I need a good laugh.) 

In this clip, Michael Jr. delivers laughs on the joys of bringing a new baby into the world. Enjoy!

Michael Jr delivers laughs. Enjoy his stories of delivering a new baby. #TooFunny #MichaelJr Click To Tweet
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