My friend Traci Burns likes to think. I think that’s a good thing.

Every Monday Traci texts her kids a Mom’s Thought for the Week, whether they like it or not. Moms get to do these kind of things.

She shared one with me recently, and I really liked it. It gave me a thought of my own: I should share some of Traci’s thoughts on my blog.

Better yet, I should let her share them on my blog. 

So I asked Traci to Join the Journey, and she said, “Ok.”

Traci actually has more than just thoughts to share with us. She has a story only God could write.

Here’s a small glimpse of her story and a thought that made her think before the story began. 

Jesus Is Bigger Than We Let Him Be

by Traci Burns

When I attended church on Sunday, May 29, 2011, I had no idea how the sermon I heard that day would impact my life. 

It was titled “Jesus Stills a Storm,” and it came from Mark 4:35-41.

Jesus and His disciples were in a boat when a storm hit. Jesus was asleep in the bottom of the boat while His disciples faced the storm.

Frightened, the disciples woke Jesus and asked Him, “Don’t you care if we drown?”

Jesus stood and calmed the storm.

The speaker explained that Jesus could sleep because He wasn’t stressed, not because He didn’t care.

He told us to remember three things when we face our own storms:

  1. Jesus is still in our boat.
  2. Jesus is still in control.
  3. Jesus is preparing to act.

When a fierce storm hits, Jesus is doing something that couldn’t be done in any other environment — something He couldn’t accomplish under any other set of circumstances.

Within a year, the third point is one I would need in a way I never expected — or wanted.

Just as the disciples learned that Jesus is big enough to make the wind and waves obey and to still a raging storm, I, too, would soon learn that Jesus is bigger than we let Him be.

I’ll share what happened next time, and while it’s not a story I enjoy telling, it’s a story that needs to be told.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been in a storm and could say that it certainly looked like Jesus was neither in the boat, in control, or preparing to do a thing.

But if we thought that, we’d be wrong.

Join me next time.


I hope you enjoyed this first Thought to Think by Traci and will join us again for the next part of her story. As I said, it’s a story only God could write.

As I think about what Traci shared above, it makes me so grateful storms don’t disturb Christ. They can throw us into despair faster than a snow flurry can empty a grocery store in the South. But they don’t throw Christ.

He’s able to take our storms and bend them to His will. In fact, He does some of His most awe-inspiring work in the middle of a storm.

We’ll see some of His amazing handiwork in the story Traci has to share.

Traci herself is an amazing piece of work — and I mean that in the best way possible. I truly do.

Click this link to read Traci’s next post:
small boat. Big Storm. Sleeping Jesus?


Traci Burns is a wife and mom. It’s the role she always wanted and has truly enjoyed.

She stayed at home with her children and raised them with God’s help. She made mistakes along the way, but she got a lot other things right.

Now that her children are grown, she’s seeking the Lord to discover what her next role should be. She can’t wait to find out what He tells her.

She started out life in Sandy Run, SC, but now lives through the woods and down the street from me in Lexington.

We met when our children were tiny. Besides sharing parenting tips until we both agreed we don’t have a clue what we’re doing, we share a passion for coffee and comedy.

We now sip cappuccinos and laugh — or shake our heads — at some of our mistakes. Sometimes we cry, but mostly we laugh because Traci is hilarious.

I’ve told her a gazillion times (no lie, but maybe an exaggeration) that she should’ve been a stand-up comedian.

Don’t they say that most comedians are born out of adversity? I wish this wasn’t true in Traci’s case, but it is.

Her life hasn’t been all adversity, though. She’s gotten to spend a lot of time with me, remember?

She’s also been blessed with an incredible husband, children, and friends. And that dog named Lucky. Hmmmm.

Best of all, Traci enjoys a deep relationship with God that’s continues to allow her to laugh even when she ought to be crying.

I hope you’ll join the journey as Traci brings us encouragement, laughter, and hope through her Thoughts To Think. 

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