Simon Peter's faith struggled at times, as does ours. But God will grow our faith into bedrock faith when we remember these three truths. (by Jean Wilund)
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Enjoy the following excerpt of a post I wrote for The link to the rest of the message is here and at the end of the post.

All That Glitters . . .

I saw the glittering rock in the water and knew my life was about to take a rich, golden turn.

Carrying my bright future home to Mom, she studied the rock and the gold that glimmered through it. “Oh, how wonderful,” she said. “You’ve found a beautiful piece of pyrite. You know, they call it ‘fool’s gold’ because people often mistake it for real gold.”

My pride and shining future crumbled under the pyrite’s worthlessness.

Sometimes I wonder if this is how Jesus’ disciple Simon felt.

When Jesus first called him to become a disciple, the apostle John tell us Jesus looked at him and said, “You are Simon the son of John. You shall be called Cephas” (which means Peter) (John 1:42, ESV).

Cephas means Peter, and Peter means rock.

Simon Peter vs Simon Pyrite

Simon often looked less like Simon Peter — he who would become a rock — and more like Simon Pyrite — he who glints of gold but is worthless. Keep reading . . .

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