A Shadow of a Doubt: When Your Faith Is Small Enough to Fit into the Cracks of Your Palm

Joseph Solomon's powerful video: A Shadow of Doubt for when your faith is small enough to fit into the cracks of your palm. #faith #doubt #God


This is the most powerful video I’ve seen all year. 

A Shadow of A Doubt (Spoken Word by Joseph Solomon)

I can’t even talk about it yet. You have to watch it first.

Then we’ll talk.

If you’re reading this via email, you’ll have to click the photo or title to watch the video.

Then tell me what you think!

When Your #Faith is Small Enough to Fit into the Cracks of Your Palm. #Doubt @WhatIsJoeDoing Click To Tweet
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  1. I’m literally bawling after watching that video. POWERFUL!!! I know God will use that young man’s beautiful poetry to touch many. I have several people on my heart to share it with. Thanks, Jean. This made my day!

  2. Not the first time I’ve seen this but even more moving now, in light of world events. “Doubt your doubts” – thought provoking.

    • You’re right, Cindy! There’s so much in this that’s thought-provoking — especially in times like these. And “Doubt your doubts” hit me the most.

  3. Wow! Great stuff!