Soul’s Gate by James L. Rubart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was drawn to Soul’s Gate by the fascinating premise of being able to enter into another person’s soul. I kept reading, compelled to see how it would end. I love a book in which anything can happen. In Soul’s Gate, just about anything did. Jim takes you on a wild adventure, but he also makes you stop and think.

The theme of the book is Freedom, and the key to that freedom is taking God at His Word instead of believing the lies. Most of us are trapped in some way by a lie(s) we’re believing that once replaced with God’s truth, leads to freedom and thus peace and joy. But will we believe? Are we even willing to face those lies or to call them what they are?

Don’t think this is about a positive mental attitude overcoming stinking thinking. It’s an all out spiritual battle for our minds, souls, and lives. Who will win? Who will survive? Jim tackles these issues in a high energy, entertaining adventure.

Now to start reading his book Rooms. I already read his book Book of Days.

Have you read it? Have you read a great book you’d recommend?

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