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Remember Your Worth. Remember the Sparrow. And Don’t Fear the Cat. (Monday Music)

Remember your worth. Remember the Sparrow. And don't fear the cat. Your Father cares for you. Watch the music video of Jason Gray's song "Sparrow" via www.jeanwilund.comDream On, Abi

I laughed at my cat Abi as I sat by the window. He was stalking a hummingbird in the garden.

I laughed and thought Dream on, Abi!

I laughed until he lunged and the bird was gone.

Victorious, Abi sauntered off with his prize. The hummingbird’s tail and beak barely protruded past his sharp teeth. 

I bolted to the rescue. 

Using my “Aren’t you a good cat” voice, I coaxed him towards me and held out my hand — as if he’d just surrender the bird to me.

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The Never-Ending, Ever-Growing List of the Character Traits of God

The Never-Ending, Ever-Growing List of the Character Traits of God via www.JeanWilund.com________________________________________________________

“Once upon an always there was God.”

   ~ Brittany Wilund, age 12

That, my friends, is probably the best way to introduce this never-ending, ever-growing list of the character traits of God: From eternity to eternity God was, is, and always will be.

And we need to know Him.

And we all will. But the sooner the better. Much better.

Since we never really know someone apart from knowing their character, we need to know God’s character.

In fact, we need to train ourselves to intentionally remember God’s character if we’re going to trust Him before the moment we desperately need to trust Him crashes down on us. 

But we can’t remember what we don’t know. 

I learned that in school. My test grades proved the theory.

How would you like THE complete, exhaustive list of every single character trait of God? I would, but who could do that?

If God were small enough to be fully known,

He wouldn’t be big enough to be God.

~Author unknown

I can’t publish THE complete list, so I’m doing the next best thing. I’m sharing The Never-Ending, Ever-Growing List of the Character Traits of God. 

Let’s get started with our first character trait — the first of many more to come in future blog posts:
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You Are PRICELESS (for King and Country)

Music Video Priceless by For King & Country via


She cried herself to sleep in the dark night in a foreign city. 

She’d tried to be careful. She’d looked for warning signs. 

And now she cried herself to sleep because she’d been wrong.

At least he let her go. Alive. But not until he’d taken from her what he wanted and left her broken.  [Read more…]

Monday Music ~ 3 Truths To Remember In the EYE OF THE STORM

Always remember, God is always in control. Watch Ryan Stevenson's music video Eye of the Storm as part of our "Storm Training."

The Eye of the Storm

Ah, the eye of the storm.

That happy, calm place after Armageddon seems to have broken loose and before it’s about to get all crazy again.

A storm may have knocked us upside down for the moment, and we’re thinking “ain’t nobody got time for that.” But God hasn’t been knocked anywhere, especially off His throne.

If you’re feeling all alone in the eye of a storm, remember these three truths:

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Praise Picture ~ Peace!

John 14:27 -- My peace I give to you! (Praise Picture via

Praise Picture — Peace!

I just wanted to share this Praise Picture with you. Now go take on the day — with peace, and lots of it!

PS — And look forward to my upcoming Never-Ending List of the Character Traits of God. It’s almost ready. 🙂

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Open the Clouds and Let the Dancing Begin!

Open the Clouds & let the dancing begin! (awesome music video by Unspoken) I Thessalonians 4:17 via

Ever just felt like dancing?

It’s a daily occurrence for me, but especially after facing a storm. Not necessarily right after, but soon after. It releases stress and makes my heart soar free.

I think we could use some dancing right now.

We just faced a huge storm with Hurricane Matthew. He wreaked havoc in a lot of places. In some places, carnage.

The aftermath will take time and work to overcome, but for the next minute, I think we should stop, praise God that He’s in our midst, and dance.

Let’s dance like the clouds just opened and Christ returned.

I’ll probably want to dance while I’m flying up to meet Him.

Imagine the amazingness of that moment.

Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.
~ 1 Thessalonians 4:17

Open the clouds, and let the dancing begin!

Unspoken’s music video is contagious. I dare you to watch and not move your feet.

Don’t fight it. Go ahead. Get up and dance. I am.
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