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Parachute Lights & The Peace of Christ (They’re better than frown lines and fewer friends)

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Forty-five people were coming to dinner, and it looked like we’d have no place to seat them.

This wasn’t just a regular dinner.

As if dinner for 45 people is ever a regular dinner.

Our son Bobby and his fiancee Kaitlyn were getting married, and this was their rehearsal dinner.

The groom’s family has one job. Just one. Feed the wedding party and special guests the night before the wedding. That’s it.

Plus, you want to impress the new in-laws, so they don’t grab their daughter and run.

So, what do you do when you learn the night before the dinner that there may not be a place to feed the 45 people coming? [Read more…]

Are You Ready for the Best Day EVER? “Even So Come” by Kristian Stanfill (Monday Music)

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598 days.

598 tormentingly long days, but it finally came. 

That’s 14,352 hours.

861,120 minutes.

51,667,200 seconds.

598 days ago my son Bobby proposed to the love of his life, Kaitlyn.

Then they waited . . .

and waited . . .

and waited for their wedding day to come.

It’s not easy for the bride to wait for her groom — or for the groom to wait for his bride! 

But when the day finally came, WOW! What a glorious day it was.

Bobby and Kaitlyn got married in a majestic setting in Black Mountain, NC.

As the service was about to begin, I walked outside with the wedding party and saw so many of our friends and family waiting for us. My heart was overwhelmed.

All I could think was, “It’s really happening! Right now! This is the moment we’ve waited for so long, and it’s actually, truly happening.” Tears flowed with overwhelming joy.

When the time came, and the music started, Bobby stood at the front, his eyes locked on his love, his beautiful bride, Kaitlyn.

The long wait was over, joy complete. They finally became man and wife.

God, in His sheer genius-ness, gave us this incredible relationship not just for our joy, but also to give us a picture of our relationship with Christ.

All who’ve trusted in Christ for salvation are His Bride. And one day our Bridegroom will come for us. 

The disciples wrote in the first century that Jesus is coming soon.

We’re still waiting, and He’s still coming.

He won’t be one second late.

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”
~ Revelation 22:20, KJV

But waiting can be so hard.

During those longs days of waiting, Kaitlyn stayed busy getting herself ready for the day. She bought a gorgeous dress and planned the most lovely service.

But that’s not the most important work she did.

Most of all, Kaitlyn focused on devoting her heart to her ultimate Bridegroom, Christ, so that she can best love her earthly groom.

She sought to let Christ mold her into the bride God desired her to be for Bobby.

Bobby, too, looked to Christ to shape him into the groom she needs and wants. Through Christ, he prepared himself for her.

Time waiting is not time wasted. It’s life transforming.

Yes, we’re waiting for what feels eternity for Christ to come for His Bride, but it’s not time wasted. There’s still a world full of people who are not ready. When He comes, it will be too late for them to get ready then.

Now is the time. Jesus is coming. Maybe in a thousand years. Maybe tomorrow. But He’s coming.

Who will be ready?

Don’t waste this waiting time. Get ready. Place your faith in Christ, the Bridegroom, today.

And when He comes, for all who are ready, it will be the best day EVER!

Kristian Stanfill’s song “Even So Come,” perfectly portrays this message and my heart today, two days after my son received his bride.

Come, celebrate with our family over the marriage of our son and his bride, Bobby & Kaitlyn. And get ready for the day when our Bridegroom Jesus Christ will come for us, His bride.

Even so come!

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No Man Is An Island — But if I were, could I please be Hawaii? — Monday Music “No Man Is An Island” by Tenth Avenue North

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No man is an island. But Hawaii is, and I wish I were back there right now.

Larry and I just celebrated our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary with a two week trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

I just got home Monday, which is why Monday Music is showing up on my blog on Tuesday. You forgive me, right?

It only seemed right to feature Tenth Avenue North’s song, “No Man Is An Island” after spending time on the gorgeous Hawaiian islands. [Read more…]

God Bless Our Soldiers & Al Rodrigues, Pearl Harbor Survivor

Listen to Pearl Harbor Survivor Al Rodrigues share his story. And be encouraged to live Free in Christ.

I ran too slow to catch a 95-year-old war hero.

To be fair, he had a head start.

Al Rodrigues — THE Al Rodrigues — walked out the back gate and out of our reach at the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Al is one of the last remaining survivors of Pearl Harbor.

I just wanted a chance to tell him thanks. 

I watched a lady help Al climb into a van and drive off with him.

Then I noticed the parking lot led right past the entrance of the memorial. So Larry and I ran.

If we ran fast enough, we could at least wave to him as he drove by. 

And we did. We stood on the side walk and waved. I blew him kisses.

Next thing we knew, the van pulled over and Al climbed out of the van to speak with us.

Excited, I felt like a teenage groupie.

Al gave years of his life — nearly gave his actual life — to serve our country and ensure our freedom.  

We still live free today because Al Rodrigues and others like him held nothing back. 

We must never forget or take our freedom for granted.

Let’s pray continually for our soldiers, our leaders, and our country.

Let’s pray that God will turn the hearts of America back to following Christ.

Apart from Christ we can do nothing. (John 15:5)

He’s the power we need to be a powerful nation and a blessing and great influence on the world.

He gave His life to buy our eternal freedom. Let’s live as people who are free! (1 Peter 2:16)  

We Americans are free. We’d never want that taken away from us.

Christians are free, too. Why would live any other way than free?

Free from sin. Free from shame. Free from guilt.


We should enjoy our freedom to the fullest! That’s the biggest thanks we can give our soldiers and our Lord.

God bless the USA.

Thank you, Al Rodrigues! Thank you to all our military!