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Faith & Football ~ Never Give Up!

Click the photo to view short, but powerful, clips of NFL greats who never give up ~ Benjamin Watson & Derrick Coleman

Click the photo to view two short, but powerful, clips of two NFL greats who never gave up ~ Benjamin Watson & Derrick Coleman

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If I’d been born a boy, I’d probably be playing in the NFL right now, unless I was still destined to be 5′ 1″ — that might not work.

But, then again, why not.

Never give up.

NFL greats Benjamin Watson and Derrick Coleman never gave up, despite the fact that they couldn’t do what they did. [Read more…]

“The Right Size” ~ A Children’s Story for Anyone Who’s Ever Felt They Weren’t Enough

Click the photo to read the children's story "The Right Size." It's for anyone who's ever wondered if they were "enough."

Click photo to read the full story, "The Right Size" by Jean Wilund. A story for anyone who's ever felt they weren't enough.

I hope you enjoyed this story, and that it spoke to you.

It’s so easy to look in the mirror and feel that we’re just not enough — we’re not the right size for the job — but we must ignore the mirror and look to the Potter who made us.

Some of us may appear to be ordinary and plain, but we’re not.

God made us in His image, and He’s extraordinary. 

God made each of us extraordinary.

He made each of us the right size.


I’m very grateful to Focus on the Family and Clubhouse Jr. magazine for being willing to publish my story. Check out their websites and the different magazines they offer. [Read more…]

Monday Music ~ Come As You Are (by Crowder)

Click photo to view video: "Come As You Are" by Crowder

Click photo to view video: “Come As You Are” by Crowder



“If I guarantee you an ‘A’ in the class, will you stay in it?” the college professor asked the overwhelmed student.

She wisely took the deal, and promptly made an “A” all on her own. 

Once the professor took away the threat of failure, the student thrived. 

Christ has offered us the same deal. 

In Christ, we already have an “A.”  

We can never lose any of Christ’s love, nor can we gain any more of it.

We can come to Christ just as we are, at any point, and we’ll find nothing but love and grace.

My friend Randy Wilson shared the story of the professor in church on Sunday. Crowder’s song “Come As You Are,” (at the bottom of this post) could have been the theme song to Randy’s powerful sermon.

[Read more…]

“The Right Size” ~ My Children’s Story Got Published in Focus On the Family, Clubhouse Jr. Magazine!

Click Photo to see my children's story "The Right Size" published in Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Jr. magazine

Click Photo to see my children’s story “The Right Size” published in Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. magazine


My story “The Right Size” got published in Focus on the Family’s January 2015 issue of Clubhouse Jr. magazine.

I’m just moving out of the shocked phase and into dance mode, so if you want to stand up and dance with me, feel free! 

It’s crazy! I know!

I’m so grateful to the staff at Focus on the Family, and especially Senior Associate Editor Joanna Echols, for allowing me the privilege of having my story published in their great magazine, and for letting me post the story here on my blog!  [Read more…]

Monday Music ~ Shoulders (by for King & Country)

Click to view video ~ Shoulders by: for King & Country

Click to view music video at bottom of this post ~ Shoulders by: for King & Country


I can’t sing.

Well, actually I can sing, just not well.

I can only remember four times that I’ve serenaded an adult.

I sing for children because they’re too little to stop me.  [Read more…]

No One Can Sleepwalk Into Christian Maturity (Lessons from Watchman Nee’s Classic “Sit, Walk, Stand”) – The Path to Christian Maturity — Part Four: WALK WISELY

Click photo to view: Part Four -- Walk Wisely! (No one can sleepwalk into Christian Maturity) Lessons from Watchman Nee's Classic Sit, Walk, Stand.

Part Four — Walk Wisely! (No One Can Sleepwalk Into Christian Maturity) Lessons from Watchman Nee’s Classic “Sit, Walk, Stand.”


Parents do the strangest things, because our kids do even stranger things.

At least mine do, like the night I awoke to the sound of our young son heading out on a midnight run to the bathroom.

I waited for the creaking of his bedsprings to signal his retreat back into bed.

It never came.

Trudging out of my own bed, I schlepped to his room to investigate.

The photo above shows how I found him.

Are you impressed with his midnight prayer vigil?

I was, until I realized he was sound asleep.

Before guiding him back to bed, I naturally grabbed my camera and recorded the moment — as all good parents would do.

We’ll never know what prompted Bobby to kneel down in the middle of the playroom because he had no memory of it the next morning, but we all had a good laugh.

Bobby’s next late night adventure wasn’t so funny. [Read more…]