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Monday Music — And All the People Said Amen (Matt Maher)

And All The People Said Amen! (Matt Maher)

And All The People Said Amen! (Matt Maher)


When the Bible says “Amen,” it’s not really the same as when we say it today.

In the Bible, the word “amen” actually carries the meaning of truth, so be it, faithful, and verily

When we say it, it mostly means “The End” or “I’m done now.”  

If the Bible said “Amen” like we do, verses would take on a whole new meaning.

The phrase “the God of amen” in Isaiah 65:16 wouldn’t be translated, “The God of truth,” but rather, “The God of I’m done now.”


I’m glad God’s not done with us.

He ought to be done with us — we deserve for Him to be done with us — but He’s not.

And all the people said AMEN!

I like how the Bible uses the word amen better than how we use it. [Read more…]

What Was So Wrong With The Tower of Babel — (Part Two) — God’s Response

How Did God Respond to the Tower of Babel? - Mercy

How Did God Respond to the Tower of Babel? – Mercy!


The people of Shinar broke ground on their pride and joy — the tower they knew would stand for all time to their greatness.

(See my post What Was So Wrong With the Tower of Babel — Part One for the first part of this story.) 

It was no doubt a glorious day for these people.

But a greater Glory was headed their way, and He meant business.  [Read more…]

What Was So Wrong with the Tower of Babel? — (Part One) — I’m the Man!


Click to read What Was So Wrong with The Tower of Babel?


“They said to one another, ‘Come, let us build for ourselves a city,
and a tower whose top will reach into heaven,
and let us make for ourselves a name,
otherwise we will be scattered abroad
over the face of the whole earth.’”
~ Genesis 11:4

The people of Babel wanted to build the first skyscraper, but God wouldn’t give them a building permit. Why not?

God surely didn’t feel threatened that they’d actually build a tower so tall they could sneak into heaven and form some sort of revolt.

So what was the big deal?

What was so wrong about the Tower of Babel that God would come down in person and mix up their language, creating a babbling rabble all over a single tower? [Read more…]

Monday Music — How Can It Be? (Lauren Daigle)

How Can It Be?


 (The music video can be found at the bottom of the post)



Nobody warned me.

I felt it only fair that you be properly warned.

God’s exceedingly extravagant grace is known to cause men to cry like girls, and girls to walk around with mascara-streaked faces.  [Read more…]

So You Need to Teach A Bible Study but You Have No Idea How? “Able to Teach” to the Rescue!

If only the class could see what you see? Teaching isn't as easy as it seems.

If only the class could see what you see? Teaching isn’t as easy as it seems.


Excited, you’re sharing what you learned recently about Joseph in the book of Genesis, but the only response you’re getting is blank stares and a few head tilts.

You’ve lost them.

It all made sense in your head, but it got lost somewhere between your brain and your tongue.

Whether you’re a teacher or just a regular human, you’ve most likely been in a similar situation.

If you’re in one of the following situations (and I guarantee you are), I have help for you:  [Read more…]

Monday Music — Start A Fire (by Unspoken)

Start a fire in my soul! (Isaiah 49:6 -- I will make you a light for the nations!")

Start a fire in my soul! (Isaiah 49:6 — I will make you a light for the nations!”)

Start a fire in me, God, so that the world will see that it’s You we need.


The Unspoken Truth

Discover the unspoken truth that Unspoken expresses in their song “Start a Fire.”  

Start a fire in my soul.
 Fan the flame and make it grow.

I say it’s unspoken because Unspoken never directly states the following truth in the song, but it shines brightly through their lyrics:

God is the one who starts the fire, and He’s the one who makes it grow. 

Too often we get much of Christianity backward — or at least I have.  [Read more…]