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Monday Music — A Prank, A Movie, and a Birthday Song

You are getting a bargain today! A Prank, a Movie, and a Birthday Song. Three spectacular videos in one post!

This first video, “World’s Toughest Job Application Prank,” is guaranteed to make you laugh, or your money back.

(Granted it’s not a music video, but not to worry. It’s my Monday Music post, so I have a special music video for you below — way below, not directly below.) [Read more…]

Monday Music — Gravity by Carlos Guevara

In honor of the May issue of Reach Out Columbia! magazine featuring Lexington, SC’s own Carlos Guevara on the cover, I wanted to feature Carlos’ audition on the X-Factor last Fall.

It just so happens that Carlos was in my daughter’s English class at River Bluff High School. (I know you’re impressed. Well, I was!) 

I’m also impressed with Carlos’ story. [Read more…]

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part One) — The Man


Noah's Ark -- Salvation By Faith

What’s the Truth About Noah’s Ark & Why Does it Matter?

The story of Noah’s Ark is so popular, even atheists like it, as evidenced by the most recent movie of Noah to hit the market, which was co-written by a self-proclaimed atheist. Why wouldn’t he like it? It’s a great story.

This screenwriter’s version, however, was only based on the true story. It uses some of the same names and there’s a big boat and a world-wide flood, but this is not the account from Genesis. It’s sort of like the TV series, Once Upon a Time. In this TV series, fairytale characters are all connected to each other in ways we never read about in the storybooks we grew up with. 

But I’m not here to discussing the movie, Noah, or the TV show, Once Upon a Time. I want to talk about the real story of Noah and find where God gives us a clue of Christ in the Old Testament. I call it The Red Thread. [Read more…]