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The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part 3) — The Choice


Click to read: The Choice -- Jesus Christ in Noah's Ark (The Red Thread)

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark.


I once met a man named Popeye. 

He wasn’t a cartoon character, he was a real man serving time in a minimum security prison. I’d gone with my church to minister to whoever would come to meet with us.  [Read more…]

Christians Should Have Their Own Curse Words

The first time I saw this sketch by comedian Brad Stine, in the midst of my laughter, I had to agree. Christians should have their own curse words. 

Why don’t Christians have their own curse words? Do we not get hurt, too?

This morning I was in the throws of fighting the War of the Weeds and the Roses [Read more…]

Today’s Bible Study Tip #1 — Read the Bible Like a Novel

~ Isaiah 40:8 ~

~ Isaiah 40:8 ~


As you know, if you follow my blog regularly, Bible Study is kind of my thing.

In fact, it’s the whole point of my blog. I want everyone to Join the Journey with me into God’s Word. 

In today’s journey, I’m sharing a Bible Study Tip — one simple way to get more out of the Bible. [Read more…]

Monday Music — “Soldier’s Light” by Rylee Preston & “Fighting Fear” by Edie Melson

Happy Memorial Day! 

Today we honor all the men and women who have dedicated their lives to keeping our country free. We also honor all the families left at home who’ve supported their loved ones as they’ve laid down their lives.

We can never repay you — all of you.

In today’s Monday Music, fifteen-year old Rylee Preston sings an original song, “Soldier’s Light” inspired by a poignant moment in her life. The moment when her father’s good friend received “the news.” [Read more…]

Monday Music — The Heart: Needtobreathe, David Letterman, & David Jeremiah

Needtobreathe is one of my top two favorite groups, and they’re fellow South Carolinians — whoo hoo! 

(If anyone knows them and wants to introduce me, I’d be fine with that!)

If you missed Needtobreathe’s performance on The David Letterman Show, I found it for us on youtube.

This song will make your having faced another Monday worth it. Feel free to play it every morning. My free gift to you.

As David Letterman said, “It doesn’t get any better than that!”

The thought I want to leave you with as you listen (and dance) to this song is: [Read more…]

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark (Part Two) — The Family

The Red Thread in Noah's Ark - Pt. 2

The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark – Pt. 2

In all the world, only Noah was holy in God’s eyes. In all the world! 

Despite living in a world where every heart was set on evil, Noah still lived his life in such a way that God could declare him righteous in His eyes.

I talked about this in my last post, The Red Thread in Noah’s Ark — Part One.

Noah was earnest about pleasing God, and he trusted in Him and His Promises.

Today’s post isn’t about Noah — it’s about everyone else. [Read more…]