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Monday Music – Carry Me Through by Dave Barnes

I consider this Monday’s Music, Carry Me Through by Dave Barnes, one of my favorite “feel good” songs. 

When I listen to Carry Me Through, any concerns for the day drift away, my feet start moving, and by the time I get to the end of the song, I’m flat out dancing and feeling good. 

The crazy thing is, if you only read the lyrics and didn’t hear the tune, you’d never imagine this would be a song that gets your toes tapping.  [Read more…]

Just Grace — The Story of God’s Transforming Grace

Just Grace by Grace Hamrick

Just Grace by Grace Hamrick

When something spectacular happens in your life, you celebrate.

When it happens twice, you stand stunned and speechless–at least that’s what I did.

And then you celebrate A LOT!  [Read more…]

Monday Music — “Every Praise” Flash Mob in 5 Points (Hezekiah Walker)

Click to view music video of the Flash Mob: "Every Praise" with Hezekiah Walker.

Click to view music video of the Flash Mob: “Every Praise” with Hezekiah Walker.

No matter how many times I view this Flash Mob, I’m ready to hop through the screen and join them. 

I wish that was possible. Get on it Apple! Time for a time travel app:
Introducing the iHop
[Read more…]

An Easter Poem to Stir Your Soul — The Groves


Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

The Groves

by Sherrie Morrison

Tis midnight and on Olivet
The moon and stars are all that stare
Upon the sacred ground
Where Jesus prayed and wept.
This grove of trees – this sanctuary –
Where the Son of Man sought solace from the agony he faced,
Stands dark and still. [Read more…]

I’d Like to Celebrate Easter Like Florence! With a BANG!


Celebrate Easter like Florence!


If I become senile in my old age and forget how to tie my shoes, I’ll still remember celebrating Easter in Florence, Italy.

It was 1984, and Mom and Dad had brilliantly planned for us to be in Florence on Easter. Naturally we planned to attend the service at the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, otherwise known as The Duomo. 

Can there be any experience like it?

No, there really can’t. I’m not kidding. I’m not exaggerating. There can’t. [Read more…]

The Passover and Resurrection Celebration Page


Passover & Resurrection Celebration!

One of my favorite websites, The Blue Letter Bible, has put together a special page to enrich your Easter celebration. 

The Passover and Resurrection Celebration Page [Read more…]