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If God Weren’t in Control

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If God Weren’t In Control

“What shall I do with this Man called Jesus?” Pilate asked the restless crowd.

“Crucify Him!” they shouted.

 “No,” Pilate countered. “I won’t crucify Jesus. I’m going to crucify that murderer Barabbas instead and set Jesus free.”

The crowd grew angry. “If you set Jesus free, our law demands we take Him and stone Him.”

And they did.

The End.


If you’ve read any of the four Gospels, you know this is not how it happened. But it could have, if God weren’t in control. Have you ever thought about that? [Read more…]

Understanding and Applying the Bible

It’s in!

McQuilkin's Book

My copy of Robertson McQuilkin’s book
Understanding and Applying the Bible is here!

From the back of the book:

Why do even the sincerest students of God’s Word sometimes find it dry or confusing? Too often, Robertson McQuiklin suggests, it’s because they don’t know how to read it.

In his classic introduction to Bible study, McQuilkin shows everyday believers how to navigate the Bible’s genres and plumb its thought structures with accuracy, experiencing afresh living encounters with the inspired Word.

Newly revised and updated, Understanding and Applying the Bible, also examines the most common errors in Bible reading. 

In the end, McQuilkin maintains Scripture can be understood by anyone, simply by following a set of straightforward and time-tested principles. 

So come, dive deeply into God’s Word . . .

To order or read more about it, click on this link below:

Understanding and Applying the Bible

Blue Letter Bible Website

Blue Letter BibleI’m always looking for great on-line resources for studying the Bible. Not only is it a time-saver, but it’s a money-saver. 

The Blue Letter Bible website provides numerous study tools in one place. Here are just a few tools available:

  • Daily Bible Reading Plans
  • Daily Devotionals
  • Scripture Index
  • Bible Commentaries
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Bible Dictionaries
  • Bible Encyclopedias

What interests me most, however, is what happens when you type in a Bible verse and hit “search.” 

You’re taken to the verse (and all those around it), and then with a simple click on the actual verse in question, you’ll see the original Greek or Hebrew, it’s meaning, and pronunciation.

Another click away and you’re given the option to check out the verse in various translations, cross-references, numerous commentaries on the verse, and a Bible dictionary.

There’s much more to this site that I’m only now discovering. If you’d like to visit the site, click on the link below:

Blue Letter Bible

Kay Arthur Bible Study for Kids

KayArthurStudyForKidsKay Arthur has been teaching Precept Bible Studies for years, and if you’ve ever had a chance to do one of her studies, you already know how beneficial they are.

Kay is not fluffy. She’s warm and friendly, but she’s also a solid, serious teacher of the Bible. Just the kind of teaching we want for our kids. 

Check out her book:

How to Study the Bible for Kids

Big Book of History for Kids

What a wonderful, fun resource for kids!

Big Book of History
by New Leaf Publishing Group available at Ruth’s Attic Bookstore:

7709_Big Book of History_small.jpg

Read this excerpt from Ruth’s Attic Bookstore on the Big Book of History:

Learning Just Became BIG FUN!

Families, schools, and churches can unfold 15 feet of the most interesting history of the world. This easy to follow, color-coded, multi-stream timeline teaches six thousand years of world history to children ages seven through thirteen. These exciting facts and so much more wait inside:

      Who were the first emperors of China and Rome
      What discovery unlocked the secrets of a forgotten language
      How modern robotics had its roots in the tea dolls of Japan
      Where Christians faced death for the entertainment of thousands
      Why the languages of Greek and Hebrew were used to write the Bible
      How the Age of Discovery meant wealth some, and the destruction of civilization for others

Understanding how the past has shaped our future will inspire young learners to make history for themselves!

“The colorful illustrations and photographs help bring history to life…” – April Estrom (ElCloud Homeschool)

“This was definitely one of the best timelines I have seen. Fantastic for homeschools, churches, and libraries. The entire timeline runs on a biblical perspective.” – Melanie Ski (Year of Jubilee Reviews)

“This non-evolutionary chart will make history come alive while keeping God at the center where He belongs!” – Wanda Meyers (Down LeftyLaine)

“This is a homeschoolers dream.” – Edie Carter (Carter Chaos)

This version is casebound with a hard cover appropriate for viewing as a book that can be turned page by page. This version will also stretch out the entire 15 feet.

2012 Winner: Christian Retailing Retailers Choice Awards

Click on this link to order or for more information:

Big Book of History

“Jesus Walks with Me” Rhyme ~ Jesus Coloring Page

 Jesus Coloring Page

Jesus walks with me!

Jesus walks with me!

Every day while I laugh and play

Jesus walks with me!


This rhyme is one of my students’ favorites! And it comes with Motions:

Walk in place as you recite the first two lines.
Join your fingertips together to make a big “sun” with your arms and move the sun across the sky from one side of your body to the other as you recite the last two lines, continuing to walk the whole time.

What the kids love most about acting out this rhyme, however, is that we do it over and over again, faster and faster each time until we simply can’t do it any faster. By then we’re laughing too hard anyway. (Great way to work out their wiggles, too! ~ Smart teacher, huh?) 

Click on this link to download a printer-friendly PDF of the “Jesus Walks with Me” Rhyme Coloring Page:

Jesus Walks with Me” Rhyme ~ Jesus Coloring Page

Click on this link to download a printer-friendly PDF of the Jesus Coloring Page:

Jesus Coloring Page