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Kaitlyn Barkley: A Look At Life Through My Camera Lens

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Check out the beautiful photography of Kaitlyn Barkley.

Every time I visit Kaitlyn’s site, I lose my breath all over again.

Her work is stunning.IMG_7824

Kaitlyn passionately captures nature as she travels through life, and tells a story through the people in her works. I wanted to share her beautiful work with you. Please share this website with everyone you know. 





When Your Soul is Drowning (by Lori Hatcher)

When Your Soul is Drowning (by Lori Hatcher) Photo Credit

When Your Soul is Drowning (by Lori Hatcher) Photo Credit

When Your Soul is Drowning

By Lori Hatcher

She gave me a gift I didn’t know I needed.

It was during what St. John of the Cross called the “dark night of the soul.” Each new day brought additional information, and none of it was good. The reality was grim, and the future-even worse. In the quiet night while my husband slept, my mind would race down a maze of dimly lit paths to a common destination-destruction. Paralyzed with what if’s and now whats, my heart would clutch with fear. How many times can the same heart break, I wondered.

I was a shipwreck victim desperately treading water as the waves crashed over me. 

And then she threw me a bit of driftwood, this friend of mine. [Read more…]

I Know, But…How Do I Survive My Children Leaving?

The most horrible thought occurred to me recently.

Norman Bates (from Hitchcock’s classic film Psycho) earned his reputation as a supremely evil villain, but what about his mother? Suffocating him with her desperate, clingy, warped version of love, it’s no wonder Norman went psycho.

That’s when the horrible thought hit me…

I’m starting to relate to Mrs. Bates and her fears of losing Norman, but even worse, it’s quite possible I’m becoming her!  Horrors!


How do I survive my children leaving?

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